The Tactics

Child Care Proceedings Exposed

It is becoming apparent from speaking to people, that the same tactics are being used across the country. If this is the case then this a written policy, sanctioned in the highest office and delivered to social workers as training.

  • Accuse parents of harm or risk of future harm.
  • Use the same experts and outdated medical evidence time and time again.
  • Advise the parents that they should seperate.
  • Turn the parents against each other, get them to accuse each other.
  • Divide the family.
  • Alienate family members by creating conflict and division between them.
  • Make grandparents out to be unreliable.
  • Break the bond between child, parents and extended family.
  • Give supervised contact for a minimal amount of time.
  • Break the spirit, will and determination of parents.
  • Traumatise parents and children through removal and lack of contact.
  • Accuse parents of being unsuitable carers due to past or present illness.
  • Deny parents the…

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