TWO POSITIVE Judgements by Sir James Munby and 4,000 Financial Ombudsmen (and -women)

Sir James muah

Victims Unite!

13 10 25 Jail Social WorkersIt is too soon to sing Hallelujah, but here are two stories in one week that make our hearts sing and our hands applaud Sir James Munby:

  1. Jail social workers who take children without telling parents why, says Britain’s top family judge
    * Sir James Munby attacked workers in Bristol who didn’t explain themselves
    * They did not tell a couple why their two children were being taken from them
    * They breach a court order in doing so – which could carry a jail term in future
  2. MP [John Hemming of course] condemns secret justice
    * Strange that no other paper has reported this yet…
  3. Courts should adapt to the realities of the internet, particularly social media
    * I just wish that this judgement was taken on board by every judge in the country!

On the other end of the spectrum of white collar crimes, I met last…

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ROUTINE Violations of Art 6 (Fair Trial) and Art 8 (Family Life) by UK State

Victims Unite!

Whether it’s the bible or other spiritual law books, national laws or international treaties, e.g.

what matters is whether individuals, especially as civil servants in public institutions, follow them.

Here, John Hemming MP exposes the Child ‘Protection’ System in the UK in the House of Commons – for 10 minutes:

Here he speaks for 23 minutes at a conference and thus in more detail:

In my observation, white collar criminals operate across the full spectrum of public institutions. My question is whether they are just a few rotten apples or whether everybody knows that everybody is colluding in a ‘class war’ and following the agenda of the Illuminati that was set up in 1776: to use national and international laws to destroy civilisation.

In particular, institutionalised

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suing companies – like the DWP


via Steve Hanaghan

DWP trading under the name job center plus is public limited company with public liability insurance…

ANY company that causes distress, anxiety or hardship by their own rules and EU customer protection can be and should be issued with A NOTICE OF TORT in ENGLAND and a NOTICE OF DELECTI in SCOTLAND…..

then go to your local court office PLC…and fill out an affidavit…

this brings the company, that needs a third party to represent it….from their PRIVATE sector into the PUBLIC sector……..


fck solicitors and lawyers…they are all crooks and take an oath to the crown just to be in their lying fcking profession….

layers hav 3 people above you that demands their loyalty…they are crooks and part…

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Important Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) Child Abuse records due for destruction soon

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Important records on Child Sexual Abuse are apparently due for destruction “soon” according to the Department of Health. The records are now held by much recently criticised Care Quality Commission and the reply [2] stated

“The Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) was created in the mid 1990s, and operated until 2004 when its functions were transferred to the Commission for Social Care Inspection.  The Care Quality Commission (CQC) retains some paper records from this time, mainly inspection reports.  They are all in hard copy and are retained off-site.  In line with CQC’s  retention schedule, these are due for destruction shortly.” [2]

However confusion reigns within the different departments as to exactly where the records from the Social Services Inspectorate actually are. According to this reply [3] from Care Quality Commission, the  records from SSI  are held by OFSTED.

“We have consulted with our colleagues in our Knowledge and Information
Management team…

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The Tactics

Child Care Proceedings Exposed

It is becoming apparent from speaking to people, that the same tactics are being used across the country. If this is the case then this a written policy, sanctioned in the highest office and delivered to social workers as training.

  • Accuse parents of harm or risk of future harm.
  • Use the same experts and outdated medical evidence time and time again.
  • Advise the parents that they should seperate.
  • Turn the parents against each other, get them to accuse each other.
  • Divide the family.
  • Alienate family members by creating conflict and division between them.
  • Make grandparents out to be unreliable.
  • Break the bond between child, parents and extended family.
  • Give supervised contact for a minimal amount of time.
  • Break the spirit, will and determination of parents.
  • Traumatise parents and children through removal and lack of contact.
  • Accuse parents of being unsuitable carers due to past or present illness.
  • Deny parents the…

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